About Free Rider Unblocked

Free Rider is an awesome racing game where you can draw your own level and then test it with your motorbike. Even though that the game is made in a black and white graphics and there are no cute sound effects, many people all around the world play it every day. Now you can enjoy the Free Rider Unblocked at our website for free too. If you have never played this game before, I will tell you a few words about it. The game has so many options and features that you will need to watch totorials before starting to play. The most difficult task is to create a perfect but at the same time rather difficult track. You can either draw the line or use curves to create the track. On the left side of the menu you can also select other tools.

There are a lot of different ways how to have a lot of fun in Free Rider game. For example you can create your own level or try playing an existing one because all users can upload their custom levels and let other people try them. Hope that you will enjoy the Free Rider Unblocked game. Just take a look at the controls below and have fun with us.

[Up]: Accelerate
[Down]: Brake
[Left/Right]: Lean
[Z]: Turn Rider
[Enter]: Restart Course
Move Camera: [CTRL] + [Click] + [Drag]
Zoom In/Out:[ Mouse Wheel] or [+]/[-]


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